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Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions are more common than others, so we've got this handy list of frequently asked questions with our answers. These are like the "pro tips" for Junkyard, "life hacks" if you will...

Q: What beer do you have available on tap?

A: Calling the taproom during business hours at (701)-936-5545 will provide you with the most up to date info, but some other great ways to find out what's on tap:

1. Clicking the "Menu" tab on Facebook

2. Check our website at

Q: What's available in crowlers right now?

A: Crowlers availability is also listed on our website, or you may call our taproom during business hours at (701)-936-5545 to get the most up to date information. We also post crowler availability to our social media accounts, so you could check out our timeline on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter if you don't feel like calling us or visiting the website.

Q: Do you allow children in the taproom? 

A: Children are only allowed when they are accompanied and supervised by an adult.

Q: Are dogs allowed?

A: Well-behaved dogs are allowed on our patio if they are leashed and supervised. Please be considerate of others and their dogs. Barking is discouraged. We cannot allow any pets inside the taproom area.

Q: Do you have food trucks?

A: Yes, we have food trucks through the warmer months but not during the cooler, winter months. Our food truck calendar (when they are available) is posted on our Facebook "Menu" tab, and is also posted to our website.

Q: Can I bring my own food?

A: Of course! You are more than welcome to bring food or order delivery to the taproom. (By the way, we do not serve food, except for Free Popcorn!)

Q: When do you have live music?

A: Check out our music calendar under the "menu" tab on Facebook, or visit the Live Music section on our website.

Q: Do you fill growlers?

A: No. As of January, 2019, we have stopped filling/selling growlers. We have a wide variety of crowlers available for off-sale in our taproom.

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