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Twin Cities Delivery-5 Beers!

We could not be more excited for our first Twin Cities Delivery of 2019! We're bringing a new Junkyard record- FIVE different beers around the Metro this Friday 1/4.

Leading the charge is PROVERBIAL SUBSTANCE, a dry-hopped sour ale conditioned on hundreds of pounds of peach, apricot, cherry, guava, and strawberry, then partnered with a live, in-house sour culture and brettanomyces. This beer has taken us 6 months to complete, and we debuted it as our first release of 2019. It's wild, funky, complex, and one of our best mixed fermentation beers we've ever created. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind sour that celebrates Junkyard's 2018 year in brewing. 1 case (32 cans) per store.

An amazing hop trio of Azacca, Mosaic, and Calypso team up in our latest IPA, creating a green and grassy field of flavor for your tastebuds to play on. Soft and sweet floral aromas land first, with an overt kick of tropical fruits and citrus. Strong tropical flavors, especially pineapple emerge alongside zesty orange rind with notes of orchard fruit and pine throughout. Its finish is an earthy, herbaceous bitterness that lingers long on the palette. 6.7% ABV 20 IBU

A robust, extra-stout style beer with an aroma of chocolate-covered nuts, dark cherry, and sweet caramel. It has an earthy, roasted bitterness paired with hints of dark fruit and an overall flavor of a liquified walnut brownie! 8.3% ABV 40 IBU

This new IPA was hopped and dry hopped with Cashmere and Bravo, bringing complex aromas of citrus & tropical fruit to the front, paired with smooth vanilla and light floral undertones. 
Cashmere is a dual purpose stunner known for evoking hints of coconut, melon, and tangerine alongside super smooth bitterness. Together, these hops showcase flavors of lemon, lime, orange & stone fruit and exhibit a subtle herbal bouquet that, when mixed with creamy vanilla, may bring out a faint taste of bubble gum! 6% ABV 30 IBU

This stout is a Junkyard favorite! Brewed with cocoa nibs, cocoa powder, and lactose, it's rich, decadent, creamy, and like drinking from a magical chocolate fountain. The flavor isn't sweet like chocolate syrup, but more dark and bitter, finishing dry and nutty like a gourmet chocolate candy. 5.8% ABV 24 IBU

Follow our Twitter @JunkyardBrewing for early access to delivery routes, etas to each location, and delivery drop confirmations. We'll keep you informed every step of the way.

Cheers and see you Friday!