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History On Tap

"The Fall of Moorhead Gangster Jake Schumacher"

History On Tap is a collaboration between Junkyard Brewing Co. and the Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County that aims to provide fun and entertaining presentations on prohibition and the culture of booze in this area. Whether you're a history buff or found yourself snoozing through History 101, we don't doubt you'll enjoy Markus Krueger's entertaining and informative talks. Filled with interesting stories and pictures, he'll be sure to keep you awake. Plus, History 101 didn't serve cold pints of craft beer! So stop in, drink up, and learn a thing or two!

These talks are free and open to the public. Under 21 years of age are allowed if accompanied by a parent or guardian. Talks run approximately 45 minutes.

The format is a very casual lecture. Markus brings a projector and screen to show off all the old pictures that go along with his stories, and the audience sits back and sips on beer.