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Dbl Can Release: Members Bounce NE IPA & Experimental Enigma IPA

Tuesday, August 13th at 4PM

We are releasing cans of TWO NEW IPA's -- Member's Bounce New England Style IPA and Experimental IPA with Enigma Hops!

Dry hopped with Denali, Citra, and El Dorado hops, this IPA is filled with pineapple, pine, and big citrus flavors & aromas with hints of watermelon and mango.

To all of those who feel like their luck has run out, that things never seem to end favorably or ever go their way... this beer is for you. The "member's bounce." Your chance to rebound back into the right direction, one sip at a time.

7.0% ABV
$7.00/750mL can


This experimental was whirlpool hopped in the hopback with whole leaf Simcoe & Amarillo, mid-fermented with Amarillo, and dry hopped with Enigma for an extremely complex, sweet, and full bodied IPA with a candied, juicy hop character and such a unique flavor profile, you have to drink it for yourself to fully understand...A true enigma.

6.7% ABV
$7.00/750mL can