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Dual Barrel Aged Can Release: Basement Business & Scout Camp!

We are releasing TWO Barrel Aged cans:
-Basement Business B.A. Barleywine
-Scout Camp B.A. S'more Porter


This Barrel Aged S’more Porter was so well received that we thought another batch was totally necessary.

Aromas of marshmallow fluff, milk chocolate, maple, and faint graham crumbles come forward, spearheading an initial flavor wave of a fudge-covered graham cracker followed by dark cocoa and golden brown marshmallow. Hints of oak and vanilla remain on the palate from barrel aging and you're left with a thick & fudgy mouth feel.

11.5% ABV
$14 each/750ml can
LIMIT: 2 cans/person
*This is a VERY limited release, so come early!


This Barrel Aged Barleywine was aged in Sagamore Rye Whiskey barrels for 9 months.

It has powerful aromas of sweet cherries & honey and an overall overt warm booziness throughout. Flavors of caramel and molasses up front, peppery baking spices to follow, and a strong, malty sweetness at the finish reminiscent of raisins.

11.8% ABV
$10 each/750ml can
No Limit!