We offer Crowlers (750ML Cans) for Off-Sale in our taproom daily. Listed below are the Crowlers currently stocked in our cooler.

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Here is what we have currently stocked in our coolers on-site!


Aerial Scenario: Hazy NE Style Double IPA

Take your tastebuds on a flight to the tropics with this NE Double. It’s a fruity, citrusy haze bomb with an explosive tropical flavor & aroma profile unmatched by any of our prior DIPA’s!

El Dorado pairs up with the trending Denali hop + dry hop additions of Azacca, Cryo Citra, and a second dose of El Dorado to create this spectacularly bright beer with layers of pineapple, mango, lemon, and the right amount of zesty bitterness. It’s like sipping on sunshine! ☀️

7.9% ABV
70 IBU
750ml can $7/each
No Limit!

Biocumulus: Sour IPa w/ Lactose

This Sour IPA was whirlpool hopped with Centennial and dry hopped with Cryo-Loral, Cryo-Citra, and Mosaic!

No fruit additions, allowing for the hops to truly shine on their own. Together, these hop varietals may give off flavors & aromas of citrus, especially grapefruit and lemon, followed by a backdrop of floral and earthy characters. In true cumulus cloud form, it has a full, fluffy body and smooth, pillowy mouthfeel from the creamy lactose with an overall balanced bitterness.

6.4% ABV
750ml can $8.00 each
No Limit!


Double Pineapple shake-o-matic w/extra vanilla

We're "shaking" it up a bit...
For the FIRST TIME EVER, we've gone DIPA on a Shake-o!! We've added MORE hops, MORE malts, MORE vanilla, MORE lactose, and MORE pineapple for our biggest, baddest, boldest Shake to date!

Dry hopping with Mosaic, Loral, and El Dorado brings out bold tropical, stone fruit and citrus flavors & aromas with just the right touch of floral notes that pair perfectly with the incredibly juicy pineapple. Additions of lactose for that creamy dose of milkshake heaven rounded out with a smooth, herbal pine bitterness and BAM!...Let's SHAKE (rattle, and roll)!

9.0% ABV
40 IBU
750ml can $9.00 each
No Limit!

Proverbial Substance Logo VECTOR.jpg

Guava passionfruit super slurp

The fresh tropical taste of guava paired with the exotic tartness of passionfruit, together with the creamy, rich blend of vanilla & lactose creates the perfect combination of sweet and sour that will leave your slurping to the last sip.

6.6% ABV
750ml can $9.00/each
No Limit!


Green Terrain: New England Style IPA

An amazing hop trio of Azacca, Mosaic, and Calypso team up in our latest IPA, creating a green and grassy field of flavor for your tastebuds to play on.

Soft and sweet floral aromas land first, with an overt kick of tropical fruits and citrus. Strong tropical flavors, especially pineapple emerge alongside zesty orange rind with notes of orchard fruit and pine throughout. Its finish is an earthy, herbaceous bitterness that lingers long on the palette.

This one's the real MVP.

6.7% ABV
20 IBU
750ml can $6.00 each
No Limit!

Twelve Parsecs Logo-01.jpg

twelve parsecs: sour IPA

The force is strong with this one that was whirlpool hopped with Amarillo & Bravo, and then dry-hopped with Ekuanot Cryo-Hops!
No lactose! Distinct citrus-forward flavors, especially lemon, hit your tastebuds at hyperspace as if you're sippin' on a sour summertime lemonade. A secondary fruity, yet faintly resinous bitterness comes through at the end for a smooth, well rounded finish.

No need to travel the can make this Beer Run in less than 12 parsecs.

7.6% ABV
750ml can $8.00 each
No Limit!

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